Tales from the Past at Catherine Jones of Cambridge

Tales from the Past at Catherine Jones of Cambridge

It’s still such a great thrill every time we sell something online at Catherine Jones of Cambridge. Imagine how much more exciting when someone sends you a nice message at the same time.

A new sale popped into the online@catherinejones.com in box. It was a customer in the United States, ordering the beautiful Arieta silver necklace, designed by Zotan Popovits for Lapponia. Beautiful, sculptural work by this great Finnish designer.

We emailed back to say ‘thank you’ for the order and mentioned the rest of the collection, the Arieta bracelet and earrings.

They have the same worked, textured surface as the pendant and the earrings are really clever. You can un-hitch the drop and wear the top as a simple and interesting stud.

Then we received a second email from the customer, explaining, that his lady was English and from Cambridge. When she was in senior school 25 years ago, he said, she used to work for Catherine Jones of Cambridge on a Saturday morning. It was her first job and she worked for Catherine for two years while she completed her secondary studies.

He asked if it would be all right for the MD of our business to write her a little note so the gift would be even more special.

We said, of course! As it happens, the MD of our business is Catherine’s own daughter.

What a great story for us and we hope that our former employee, now living in the US, of course, will really enjoy the necklace and the memories of our business.

It’s the second story we’ve had from a Catherine Jones of Cambridge customer in just over a week. The other was an equally lovely and unexpected facebook message all the way from Rosebud, Australia!


The gentleman who got in touch attached some pictures of a piece of jewellery he had come across in his wife’s collection. The box said ‘Catherine Jones’ and he wondered whether it was indeed from our shop.

Luckily, Catherine’s daughter, who now owns the shop remembered that her mother had sourced some fantastic, Renaissance-inspired, Italian-designed bracelets just like the one in the picture, in the 60s. They were tremendously popular – some were studded with coloured stones. That was a time before Catherine moved from costume jewellery into silver and fine jewellery and re-located the business.

Catherine Jones Bracelet

That box is certainly of around that vintage, in fact, these were quite possibly the first boxes ever used at Catherine Jones. And you can still call the business on the box phone number (with a 3 prefix)!

It’s most likely that the bracelet was bought in the original shop on the corner of Downing Street and St Andrew’s Street between 1963-1971.

it’s heart-warming to know that Catherine Jones pieces are still appreciated after all this time – a great week for tales from the past!

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