Zoltan Popovits designs at Catherine Jones of Cambridge Jewellery designer, sculptor and ceramist

Zoltan Popovits designs at Catherine Jones of Cambridge Jewellery designer, sculptor and ceramist

Sculptor and ceramist Zoltan Popovits is a true creative amongst designers.

He started his collaboration with the Finnish design house, Lapponia (by whom we have lots of pieces at Catherine Jones of Cambridge) almost 40 years ago by designing a chess set in sterling silver. His designs are as fresh and fascinating today as they were when he was a novice.

chess set 2

The inspiration for the head of the knight was the fragility of a bird’s skull he came across while walking through the rugged frozen Finnish forest.


The success and acclaim of the chess set led to commissions for a range of silver jewellery for Lapponia, and, later, a collection in gold.The Lapponia jewellery collection, much of which is on sale at Catherine Jones of Cambridge now as it has been for many years, shows  how  Zoltan  translated  his skill  into the miniature  magic of jewellery. He calls it ‘another dimension to making sculpture’. The heavily-worked textures of the silver are inspired by the crush and crunch of snow and glacial ice and are a distinctive feature of his and Lapponia’s  work.

Zoltan Popovits’ jewellery design also reflects back to the jewellery customs of primitive peoples of Finland where there is an intensely close bond between the jewellery and its wearer.

The great designer describes what spirit drives him when designing:

“We use our personal objects to bind ourselves to the outside world. Jewellery connects its wearer to a specific time, place and person. It is an intimate object that evokes memories and emotions. It is most effective in this capacity; it is not neutral in form and design, but instead offers characteristic and concepts to which the wearer can relate personally”.

“I find designing jewellery to be similar to the process of solving a puzzle. This puzzle consists of technical, material and intellectual elements and all these elements must fit harmoniously together. The resulting piece of jewellery can be compared to a short poem or a melody: each is collection of thoughts” – Zoltan Popovits.



So which pieces of Zoltan’s remarkable work can be found at Catherine Jones of Cambridge? It’s hard to select from such great jewellery collections but here’s a starter pack.

The Arieta Silver Collection


The great thing about this collection is that, as with so many of Zoltan’s pieces, although there’s a necklace, bracelet and earrings, they’re not identical – not a classic SET. They are all slight variations on his main theme.

Zoltan’s pieces are as great for an 18th birthday gift, they have that certain edge, that something for the young fashionista looking to add a touch of class to a simple summer dress, a mid-season outfit or for the barrister and business professional we know who wears these pieces to finish off a polished, professional look, whilst expressing her own personal sense of style.

Here’s the Arieta necklace


Arieta necklace from Zoltan

Arieta necklace

The Arieta pieces are beautifully crafted in silver with that heavily worked, frosted finish and vividly bright, polished  edges that create such stylish classic  Lapponia contrast.  These pieces are sculptural, curvaceous, fluid, tasteful and appealing. Everything that Zoltan expresses.

Bit by bit  you can add to the collection. Make a wish-list!

Here’s the Arieta bracelet   


Arieta Bracelet


Sturdy links that clip firmly to the wrist with a secure clasp.

The Arieta Earrings



Arieta earrings

The gorgeous Arieta earrings have a bit of a surprise, too. Two earrings in one. The drop can be removed, changing the fun earrings into  a simple, understated silver stud for work. Add the dramatic drop earring for eveningwear by threading the post through the loop at the top. A seamless movement from work to play.

Prices are affordable, starting from  £228 – a beautiful gift or present to yourself for a special occasion. With free UK standard delivery on all online purchases, you’d be mad not to treat yourself.

Shop the Zoltan Popovits Arieta silver collection online now.


The Jazz or ‘Jatsi’ Earrings RETRO RETRO RETRO . . . 

Jatsi Earrings from Zoltan

Jazz or ‘Jatsi’ Earrings

Zoltan’s Jazz earrings or ’Jatsi’  in Finnish with their own sound track!  The vinyl drop is a slice from genuine, old vinyl records – each plays its own tune. The black vinyl is clasped by startling, frosted silver for an urban and sculptural statement. These individualistic earrings are bound to attract attention and win compliments from all those around you. They not only cool but dual-purpose. Like the Arieta earrings, the vinyl drop can simply be removed  from the post leaving lovely, unusual shaped silver studs. If you want to glam- up for an evening out, add the black vinyl drop. Good for wearing in the day or at night. Simply stunning.

At just £198, these earrings are a real hit. To make sure you they are yours today and shop online with free UK standard delivery.

Match them with the fluid Jazz necklace pendant and just rock on!

Jatsi Jazz Necklace

Jazz or ‘Jatsi’ necklace

Zoltan’s Electra collection even includes a fabulous watch – deeply grooved and rutted silver with the movement of drifting snow. Timepiece and bracelet all in one. Forget the iPhone for checking the time. This is time you will want to look at.

Electra watch

Zoltan’s Electra Watch

For individual and distinctive piece of jewellery, for the jewellery that speaks to you and about you, then you really should take a lookat the full Lapponia range. Beautiful silver jewellery crafted by  some of the finest Scandinavian designers.

It’s what we call Jewellery for today to love forever! Shop Lapponia jewellery on the Catherine Jones of Cambridge now – here are some more great Lapponia pieces to whet your appetite …

Here’s a  look-book of some of Lapponia’s other great designs to put you front and centre in the picture


The iconic Princess Leia necklace from StarWards designed by Bjorn Weckstrom.

The iconic Princess Leia necklace from StarWards designed by Bjorn Weckstrom.

Wave Dance by Bjorn Weckstrom

Wave Dance by Bjorn Weckstrom

Watch out for more from Catherine Jones of Cambridge and Lapponia – coming soon!


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