Catherine Jones of Cambridge Recruit 18 Brand Ambassadors in Social Marketing First

Catherine Jones of Cambridge Recruit 18 Brand Ambassadors in Social Marketing First

Renowned Cambridge jeweller, Catherine Jones of Cambridge, has recruited eighteen brand ambassadors in an innovative, brand marketing project.

The ambassadors will play a key role in our social media marketing, by wearing our jewellery and taking photographs of themselves to post on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere. We think it’s an industry first for an independent,” said Vanessa Burkitt, MD of the Cambridge jeweller.

The ambassadors were recruited through an old-school, hard-copy, advertising campaign and direct contact with a number of different University societies and activity groups.  Volunteers were lured by the opportunity of borrowing great jewellery from Catherine Jones’ own collections, to wear when they go out to social occasions or leisure events. That means parties!

 ‘We put the word out to the student population, in Cambridge, that we were looking for brand ambassadors to carry the Catherine Jones brand name into the vigorous, younger market,’ said Vanessa Burkitt. ‘We were amazed by the enthusiastic response and by how many wanted to get involved.’

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The Catherine Jones Eighteen are sportsmen and sportswomen, competitive ballroom dancers and journalists on University newspapers. One has aspirations to become Miss Cambridgeshire. They all have their own great stories to tell.

‘We did a test shoot with a professional photographer, in the most beautiful parts of Cambridge,’ said Vanessa Burkitt, ‘and had a terrific time. Modelling is very different from the student experience but we were impressed by how natural and relaxed they all were in front of camera’.

The guys were initially circumspect about what they could borrow beyond cufflinks. With the fashion for wrist-wear, they swiftly became extremely keen on the leather bracelets and wrist-bands at Catherine Jones which they wear while either formally or doing sport. The selection of pendants has also gone down a storm.

The girls have been borrowing demure pearl necklaces and studs, sinuous silver pendants or grander, gem-set pieces.

The ambassadors have already started sending ‘selfies’, wearing the jewellery, which will be posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and beyond.

There will also be more formal shoots with the Catherine Jones 18, at events organised by the brand, where the ambassadors will have a chance to let their hair down and enjoy themselves, too.

Vanessa Burkitt said. “My family heritage in Cambridge may go back to the 16th century and the business may be over 50 years old, but in this fast-moving, electronic era, you can’t sit back and rely on history to work for you. This project employs the creativity and enthusiasm of these great young people as part of our marketing team, and harnesses  all the capabilities of contemporary platforms from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and beyond.’

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