Catherine Jones - She broke the mould in the 1960s

It all started in the 60's. Catherine couldn't find a pair of earrings that were beautiful enough to compliment the gorgeous gown she was going to wear to a May Ball at a Cambridge College. 
  Catherine in the 60s

It was a time of energy and exuberant creativity. Buzzy boutiques were springing up in the small alleyways and cobbled streets of Cambridge bringing fantastic fashion and colour to the town. Brilliant Cambridge bands like Pink Floyd were about to take the world by storm. 

Catherine had been left a small sum of money by an uncle. She had toyed with the idea of opening a boutique, too. It was the thing. 'But,' she thought, 'lots of people are doing that. If I can't find a decent pair of earrings then no-one else can.' This gem of an idea led her to open her jewellery shop in 1963 on a corner next to an antique shop. Ancient next to modern. 

Catherine was bold and fearless, enthusiastic and energetic, stocking the most exciting jewellery she could find and so much was made from experimental new materials.

   Twiggy wearing the crazy, psychedelic acrylics  that she stocked or huge cube ring made by Paris House.

'I did it all by feel,' she said, 'I just trusted my feel for design and a sense of the beauty of things.'





Teenagers and parents, students and visitors, everyone flocked to the shop. They found inspiring jewellery to wear with the expressive fashions of the day. 

One day, a young woman came into the shop. She asked if Catherine sold silver jewellery.
'No, I'm very sorry, but I don't.'  The nervous young woman tried again. 'I mean, I make silver jewellery, could I show you?' Catherine asked to see it. It had personality, individuality and was distinctively different. She bought the lot. 
So began her journey into the realms of precious jewellery.