Heirloom Restoration

Refashioning or Restoring Family Heirlooms
When we inherit a piece it brings with it memories and sentimental connections with family who may no longer be with us. Because of the age of a piece, it may need repairing so it can be worn again.

Often pieces are particularly delicate so great care must be taken to ensure the piece is fit for regular wear. We work with a specialist goldsmith who is an expert in restoring vintage heirlooms to give them renewed life.
It can also be awkward, though. Sometimes a piece is simply not to our taste so it sits in a drawer. The wonderful thing about jewellery is that it can be re-fashioned so the stones from a ring, pendant or earrings may be re-set in a new design that keeps the line of heritage but brings life to a new jewel to wear and enjoy for years ahead.

We would like to meet you to discuss the work and will supply a quote for any suggested work.

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