VALUATION DAYS: Our jewellery valuations service is provided, in store, by a professionally qualified, Independent Registered Valuer. We hold monthly Valuation Days on the last Friday of the month. 

Jewellery has enormous emotional, sentimental significance and value. When it is lost or stolen it is always distressing.  

WHY HAVE YOUR JEWELLERY VALUED: Having  your jewellery valued by a professional, independent, registered valuer means it can be properly insured at the value on the day of valuation which assists with settlement by the insurer in the event of loss, damage or theft.  

Valuations are thoroughly researched and evidence-based. The Valuation Schedule produced will list the current value of each item recording every detail that can be measured or tested: numbers of diamonds and coloured stones, their shapes, weights and grading, metal type and fineness. 

Hallmark information for UK-made pieces, may include the maker’s name or the year of manufacture. Engraving or personalisation on a piece may support or identify provenance that might add to the item’s value.  

HOW IT WORKS: Jewellery may be brought in on the Valuation Day or in advance. Sitting with the valuer can shed interesting light on a family piece of jewellery or heirloom. Alternatively, the items to be valued may be left in advance against a receipt and collected after the valuation is completed. 

The Valuation Schedule produced is accepted by your insurer; it will include photographs of all your items with replacement prices at valuation day. 

Our valuers belong to the Institute of Registered Valuers (part of the National Association of Jewellers) or the Jewellery Valuations Association. They follow the professional body’s Code of Good Practice. 


For a single item (if valued under £9,999) - £120.00

A second and additional items (if valued under £9,999) - £85.00 each

Items for a valuation over £10,000 - £275.00 each

We recommend that valuations are routinely updated every 3 years as prices of precious metals and gemstones change constantly; they can fall as well as rise.

A piece may be more valuable if it has a verified provenance, a famous manufacturer or maker, or heritage personalisation. Fashions in the desirability of antique pieces change, affecting a valuation up or down. 

BOOK YOUR VALUATION IN ADVANCE by email to or call us on 01223 361596.