We all love to wear our jewellery and we should. Jewellery is made of precious metals and gems which we need to take care of. Because we wear it all the time, it is prone to wear and tear. This is quite normal.

At Catherine Jones of Cambridge we offer a comprehensive repairs service.
We repair pieces purchased from Catherine Jones and from elsewhere.
For pieces bought from us, ideally we send them back to the maker. They will take pride in ensuring the repaired jewellery looks exactly as it did when it first left their workshop. We also work with a number of different goldsmiths so we choose the individual with the most appropriate skills to compete the repair that needs to be done.

REPAIRS INCLUDE: ring sizing, replacing lost stones, strengthening worn metals eg: on rings, link bracelets or necklaces, mending or replacing earring fittings, re-threading necklaces, among others.

Our minimum charge is £120. We quote for repairs that may cost more than the minimum charge.

Please come and visit us so we can assess your piece and offer guidance as to the repair.

BOOK AN APPOINTMENT by email to or call us on 01223 361596.

BOOK AN APPOINTMENT by email to, via our website, or call us on
01223 361596.